Muhammad-Sharif Moustafa

Support Engineer and App Developer


I'm a developer support engineer at RevenueCat who likes to work on various coding projects. I enjoy making iPhone and Android apps, but I've also worked on projects involving Electron, NodeJS, Python, C, and C#. At the current moment I'm interested in making native iOS apps.

Here you'll find a little bit about me and a small selection of projects that I've worked on. You can find more on my GitHub profile. If you want to chat, feel free to contact me at or follow me on Twitter.

Things I Like


Blockquote Markdown Editor

Blockquote is a Markdown and text editor and viewer for iOS targeted towards professionals. My main goals in making Blockquote were to provide a stable, reliable, accessible, and robust way of working with Markdown documents on iPhone and iPad. It's built with Swift, JavaScriptCore, and JavaScript, which allows it to leverage markdown-it for Markdown parsing and KaTeX for LaTeX processing.

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OEIS Client

OEIS Client is an iOS and Android app to access the ON-LINE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INTEGER SEQUENCES. During my undergraduate education, I briefly worked on research that involved the OEIS. There wasn't an easy way to quickly look something up on the OEIS using my iPhone, so I decided to make OEIS Client.

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Fun Color Match

This is the first mobile app I wrote - it's an incredibly simple and yet suprisingly fun matching game for iOS. There are no in-app purchases, no popups asking you to review the app - there's not even any music! When you win, you end up with a pleasing mosaic of colors. It's written in Objective-C in a time before Swift took the iOS world by storm.

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FTPY is a simple, no-frills ftp client written in Python. I wrote this because I needed to use FTP on my Chromebook once and found that it didn't have FTP installed. It runs pretty much anywhere Python runs (meaning Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more) and it's compatible with Python 2 and 3. Contribute to development or download the script on GitHub.

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You can get in touch with me at or LinkedIn.